Measuring up for Floor Tiles

You will need a tape measure and a pen and paper for this, sometimes a square and other measuring tools may be required for more trickier shaped rooms. If you are measuring a square or rectangular room then you measure the length and width and multiply these two measurements (e.g: 2m length x 5m with = 10 square meters) but if you are measuring a different shape you may find yourself stuck. No two rooms ever are exactly the same even built by the leading professional builders as there are so many measurements that are required when building a house and so many materials used to create those lengths and widths in your room that can have too many variations in sizes naturally through manufacturing like the bricks or timber frames that create the walls for example.

"L" shaped floor If your room is an "L" shape then you can split the room in to two main areas and these areas often pretty much end up as rectangular shapes which can then individually be measured in length and width to give you two measurements. Adding these together will provide you with your square measurement.Other floor shapes can also be split in to easier to manage shapes and then added together to give you the total room or floor size.

We recommend adding on extra tiles for cuts and spares, around 10%.